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* The weighted average interest rate on Debitum for all historic loans. Your earnings may be higher or lower than expected. Investing puts your capital at risk. Any indicated historic return does not guarantee the same future performance.

Dear investors and partners, Platform performance February results reveal a great start of the year. New Loan originator – Flexiadea Polska – assets are available for investments; increased rates for existing Loan Originators; improvements of the platform (“About us” section rebuilt); new deposits inflow and more and more investors who appreciate investing in secured business…

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From the first days of the year 2023, Debitum loan originators are increasing interest rates for new assets added to the platform. UK-based company Triple Dragon and Flexidea Polska already have launched ABS programs with more attractive conditions (btw Triple Dragon ABSs with 2- and 3-year periods were “sold out” in 2 days). Now, from…

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