March 8, 2018

10 days after crowdsale

Round A backers, Affiliate program, Bounty,  Exchange news & Scams you should watch out. Here is the latest news we wanted to share with you from Debitum Network.


2 weeks have passed since our crowdsale and here is the latest update:

Round A backers

Round A series backers have already received additional tokens (airdrop). The full amount has been distributed on March 1, 2018.

Direct purchase of Debitum Network tokens via SEPA or SWIFT transfer (fiat)

All tokens have been distributed as of today as per details you sent us. Thank you all for your direct support.
We have a few accounts that did not provide the necessary details for us to initiate the transfer. Our management associate will continue to try to reach you and finalize the details for the transfer. Don’t worry, we will keep safe your tokens until we are able to transfer them to your accounts.

Disclaimer: In these emails/communications we will never ask you to send us any tokens or money. The only details we will ask is your name, surname, ETH address where DEB tokens need to be sent to.

Affiliate program

Thank you for all the support. You helped build a strong community which we are grateful for. Our affiliate program is officially concluded. Distribution of commissions will start March 8, 2018, and plan to be distributed full on March 9, 2018.

Bounty program

Thank you to all our supporters and participants. The program has been an overwhelming success with participants being very active. We are finalizing the count with the organizers and will publish the final results on March 9, 2018. We will start distributing the bounty on March 9, 2018, and plan to be finished on March 12, 2018.

DEB listings on Exchanges

We know everyone has been excited about DEB appearing on exchanges. We apologize for the slow process. Here is what’s new:

  • solved the ERC223 technical requirements and has officially listed us on their platform;
  • We are finalizing the technical details with another major exchange and hope to unveil it during the next week (March 12th-18th).

Be cautious of SCAM and Phishing emails.

We would like to remind everybody that nobody in team Debitum will contact you with a personal or public message, asking you to contribute more or proposing any kind of deal. All contributions have closed and any such offer is a scam – please be safe out there! From now you will only be able to buy Debitum through exchanges that will list DEB tokens.
If you are providing personal information via email to us, make sure it is our domain “”. Please always check when clicking reply that the recipient ( “to:” field ) is our domain and no other cc or bcc addresses entered. Please do not provide your personal/sensitive information via other channels – forums, Telegram, Skype, WhatsApp, Phone calls or any email where the recipient is not from “”.
Be aware and vigilant of any such communication:

  • Requests to transfer tokens or money;
  • Token sales;
  • Requests for personal or sensitive information to be sent to an email address not ending with

For more information on how to protect yourself from phishing scams check


Q: DEB tokens not visible in my wallet
A: Some wallets don’t automatically recognize DEB. You can add a custom token with these settings:
• ticker/symbol: DEB
• decimals: 18
• token address: 0x151202c9c18e495656f372281f493eb7698961d5

Q: Can I use the DEB token with any wallet/exchange?
A: Pay attention to the capabilities of your service provider. Our DEB token is based on the ERC223 standard. This a newer version of ERC20. Most exchanges and token service providers accept ERC20 version, but not all managed to successfully update their services to support ERC223 standard as of today. To our best knowledge most of the decentralized platforms do not support it, so you should be careful with your tokens. Please be careful and check if you can receive (or send) DEB token on Etherdelta, Forkdelta, Idex etc. As time passes more and more platforms will update to support ERC223.

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