26 Estonian business loans @ 10.75% p.a. available for investments

Our Estonia-based partner – non-bank financing company Evergreen Capital that issues business loans to Estonian SMEs from the manufacturing and services sectors has released a new ABS program with 26 underlying assets.

ABS program details:

  • Total loan amount – 150 000 EUROS
  • Interest – 10.75% p.a.
  • Period – 380 days
  • Category – C+
  • Penalty fee in case of late repayment – 18% (in total 28.75%)
  • Skin in the game – 10%
  • Collateral – the loans are secured with personal guarantees from the borrower’s owners/management and/or other collateral

Currently, in Debitum there are four Evergreen Capital ABS programs available (with 82 underlying assets in total) with 9.5%, 10.50%, and now with 10.75% p.a. interest rate available. Investment periods are from 239 to 380 days.

More behind Evergreen Capital performance, operations, and business philosophy you can in interview with Kristjan Tolmats, co-founder of Evergreen Capital – “Each loan we give out must be a productive one”.


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