3% Cashback “Money back before Valentine’s Day”

Triple Dragon started the year 2024 by issuing several special – short-term – ABSs on the Debitum platform.

There are ABSs available with a period of +/- 30 days and an annual rate of return 11 % p.a. For these new short-term assets, Triple Dragon applies 3% p.a. cashback.

Therefore, we invite investors to join the January campaign “Money back before Valentine’s Day” together with Triple Dragon. Please visit INVEST section and search for ABSs marked with a yellow cashback badge.

About the “Money back before Valentine’s Day”:

  • Cashback bonus will be applied for all new investments in Triple Dragon assets marked with a yellow cashback badge,
  • Period: from the 10th of January until 31st of January (including) 2024 or until sold out,
  • The amount of Cashback – 3% p.a.,
  • Cashback payout – instant.

Cash back calculation example:

For your 1000 EUR investment in ABS with a maturity of 100 days, you will receive 1000 x 100 /365 * 3% = 8.27 EUR cashback bonus.

Have a secure and profitable investing with Debitum!

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