How airplane “business class” screams for disruptive solutions

How airplane “business class” screams for disruptive solutions

I was going to #d10e in Kiev to present this morning and, as it happens, I was traveling business class of a Ukrainian Airlines plane. It was not the first time I had traveled business class — late flights, re-seating, and my long corporate experience meant this was happening once in a while.
Let me give you a quick reminder of what happens there and when I say that, I mean that it has happened each and every time

*soft drink or water before take off
*wet napkin after take off
*tea or coffee

You know the drill if you have been there.

As I was in the air, getting all those business-class features, I wondered — why is it that every single business class experience I have ever had is exactly the same?! Why not provide Kindle with a nice book, better seats — you name it? Why not reinvent the whole business class experience from the very bottom? I think it is because it is easier to copy what others are doing than innovating!

The same is in business borrowing industry. There are a couple of players and in general, they all act in the same way:

*old traditional finance institutions: bureaucratic, slow, risk-averse but rather cheap loans
*new alternative lenders: fast, dynamic, risk-loving but rather expensive loans
*various p2p platforms and marketplaces: utilize the Internet’s spread to charge commission from one or more parties involved, but successfully create no value added

We at Debitum Network want to innovate! It is in our blood. When our alternative finance company was found, we innovated — we made undisclosed factoring safer and with less hustle! We did not want to copy what others were doing. We would rather that others copy us!

The same story is with Debitum — we innovated and created a new approach to business lending! We cut out the middleman, but keep all necessary parts of the process, we allow members of Debitum ecosystem to operate on their own and reach each other easily. We make it truly open source and truly distributed — we as founders will be obsolete once Debitum hits a number of operators to be self-sustaining and growing organically on its own!

Innovation is what differentiates regular blockchain products or projects from solutions capable of leaving a deep mark and having an impact on the world as we know it!

Join us on our journey and we promise a re-imagined and improved business class flight for business borrowing!

Debitum Network whitepaper:
Please read it and engage!

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