Another audit confirms the correctness of Debitum operations

As a licensed platform, Debitum must regularly conduct internal and external audits.

The latest external audit was performed by Grant Thornton International in October 2022. The subject of this audit was to inspect how well are managed investors funds and to examine platforms’ procedures and financial records compliance with Financial instruments market law (FIML, Latvia).

The scope of the audit

“During this last audit, Debitum management team and employees were interviewed. Our internal regulatory enactment activities with financial instruments were analyzed. Accounts were checked to ensure that Debitum and investors’ funds are kept separate. Randomly selected contracts, documents, and statements were examined for any inconsistencies, inappropriate usage of investors’ funds, absence of regular investigations of competence and reputation of Debitum Loan Originators, and other not less important checks. The evaluation of the audit showed Debitum procedures and operations are in line with FIML requirements,” Henrijs Jansons, CEO of Debitum reflects on the audit.

Debitum team is delighted about the result of the audit. It highlights the correctness of Debitum performance, gives another guarantee to our clients, promotes transparency and professionalism of the company, and provides support to the company’s management team to keep operations at the highest level.

About auditor?

Grant Thornton is one of the world’s leading organizations of independent assurance, tax, and advisory firms. With headquarters in London, England, they are operating in the Baltic States since 1992, carrying out statutory audits of the annual accounts of public-interest entities.

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