January 19, 2018

Contest. Win 4 ETH in prizes for making just a 30s video about Debitum Network!

Debitum is bringing a viable solution for small and medium business financing. As we know, the global credit gap for SME’s financing is $2trillion while small businesses are backbones of our economies. Let’s try to bring those small business out of the shadow with our viral campaign. Debitum offers 4ETH prize pool for video creators!

What you need to do:

  1. Find your local small business and entrepreneurs. It can be your friend, colleague, neighbor or even you who runs a small business and additional financing would be very helpful for the business growth.
  2. Make a short up to 30s video with the following speech:
    2.1. Say ‘HELLO’ in your own language.
    2.2. Say in English: My name is [input your name]. I’m owner of [input business type and name]. Debitum Network is future of alternative finance. I invite you to join Debitum Network crowdsale!
  3. Post video in social media and share with your friends.
  4. Videos will be published on our Telegram, Youtube, Facebook and other social media channels.
  5. Send video to [email protected] email till 10am, January 30th.


  • Type and size off business is not important, it can be a shop, a service, a factory, online or offline company.
  • Location is not important as well. We accept participants from any country in the world. If you feel that your local small businesses deserves to be treated better, you are welcome to participate.
  • We would like you to make as high quality videos as possible for amateurs. Debitum team can exclude video from the competition if it has very bad video and sound quality.
  • At least 150 videos must participate in the contest to take place. Winners can choose payout in ETH or DEB tokens.


3ETH for the winner selected LIVE by the random number generator on the 30th of January.

1ETH for the highest quality video selected by the Debitum Network founding team commission.

If you have any questions, join our Telegram group. We will be there to answer: https://t.me/debitum


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