Credital and Debitum Network partnership details

A month ago we announced our partnership with Credital. Now it would be a good time to explain a bit more about this in detail. This partnership works great for both parties.
Credital is an alternative lending company. They provide business loans to SMEs in Lithuania. Their core focus as a lending company is making loan issuing process quick and simple.

Credital is our first “institutional borrower” in the Debitum Network ecosystem. They will place individual loan requests on our p2p platform, to get access to additional services and lenders that are available in the Debitum Network. This will enable Credital to push their current operations even further and become faster and more efficient in providing services for their clients. Currently, the financing process will be done manually with support, guiding each transaction.

For Debitum Network this is a much welcome kickoff in the real-world financial transactions. Our team will be able to analyze, apply and test different functionalities, features, processes. It will give a deeper insight into market needed tools and potential integrations. After getting feedback we will be able to choose and adapt our process to match both: technological and business needs.

Here is the total summary of the 101,000€ portfolio they are onboarding:

Credital portfolio on Debitum Network

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