December 15, 2017

DEB owners profit explained in a simple infographic or HOW IT WORKS

1. Contribute and get a bonus!

Contribute to Debitum Network and receive your DEB tokens. Now with a 30% bonus!

2. Debitum Network – solution for small businesses financing

– Fernando runs a timber company in Brazil and would like to export his production to Netherlands.

– Fernando finds Debitum Network and puts a loan application for 20,000 USD with 12% interest rate, providing his production in his warehouse as a collateral.

– Many investors from USA and Europe decide to finance Fernando and provide him with the loan of 20’000 USD.

– Fernando is happy to see his business grow as he has more money. As Fernando successfully establish his operations in Netherlands with the help of his friend Sarah, investors are paid back the loan.

Fernando is not the only one. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) lack financing. World Bank estimates SMEs to lack around 2 trln. USD worldwide.

3. Your profit grows together with Debitum Network

We use your contributions to fully launch our solution in a lot of markets.

Everyone with spare money can join Debitum Network and provide loan to Fernando or any other company.

As Debitum Network grows worldwide, with a very limited amount of DEB tokens in the market, value of acquired tokens may well increase around 10x times.

Ready to receive your 30% bonus?

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