September 17, 2018

DEB tokens are listed on LATOKEN exchange

We are happy to announce that from the 17th of September our DEB tokens are listed on the LATOKEN exchange, where you can register and deposit. On the 19th all registered users can start trading DEB tokens. The listing is an excellent opportunity for our tokens to get more liquidity on a top exchange.

About LATOKEN exchange

LATOKEN is a rapidly growing crypto exchange focusing on liquidity for new tokens. In July of 2018, LATOKEN entered CoinmarketCap’s Top-50 and it keeps improving the result.

The company is based in the East European country of Estonia, which has a moderately liberal political attitude towards cryptocurrencies, excellent environment and tax system for businesses and according to Transparency International is among top countries in the world that have the lowest corruption.

Considering that a lot of exchanges, which are in China and other Asian countries are now experiencing legal problems as governments there are taking a very strict stance against ICOs, cryptocurrencies, and crypto exchanges, we see being listed on LATOKEN as a huge advantage.

Stellar security of the platform

The exchange has a stellar security system as all private keys for wallets and passwords are encrypted, 99.5% of users’ funds are kept in a cold storage with multi-signature technology, all data from website is transmitted using encrypted Transport Layer Security (TLS) connections (i.e., HTTPS), they have built-in protection from DDoS to ensure that trading cannot be halted by outside attacks. Two-Factor Authentication for actions such as withdrawals or changes in account settings is obligatory.

Other advantages of the exchange

·       180 markets, which is way more than half of the top exchanges have

·       80,000+ traders already registered

·       Low trading and withdrawal fees

·       $30m+ daily turnover

·       New trading pairs are being added every week

Get registered and start trading

Before you can start trading, it is necessary to register on LATOKEN platform. Follow the link to register and deposit:

Trading of DEBs on LATOKEN is available from the 19th of September.

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