Debitum discontinues assets from CubeFunder

At the beginning of October, Debitum asked Cubefunder to repay all the invested amounts and earned interest to our investors. On the 8th of October, all final payments were made. Therefore, from now on, we will no longer provide Cubefunder loans for investing on our platform and have closed all the existing ones. 

Please note that from the user’s side of view, no profound changes have been made. The closed assets are still present in the history log.

Why are we discontinuing Cube Founder assets?

“We are bringing only the best business loans in the market for you to invest in. Therefore, we frequently evaluate our loan originator’s adequacy to our risk standards to ensure the assets are most secure. We concluded that Cube Funder metrics and approaches to due diligence differ from ours in the latest Cube Funder evaluation and credit scoring. Therefore, we had to act and dive deeper to check if these differences could apply to our strict policy regarding the assets we provide to our investors. In conclusion, we decided to stop offering Cube Funder assets and repaid all existing investments with interests to keep our position of delivering secure assets and ABS in the long-term perspective.” /Sergei Demchuk, CEO/”

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