Debitum Interim financial report Q1-Q2 2022

For the whole world, and especially for the European region, the year 2022 is associated with significant fluctuations in the global economy, which also have left a remarkable impact on every local market.

Such a difficult and critical period has also caused an impact on Debitum platform’s performance. However, despite the overall global situation, Debitum has accomplished important system improvements that will have a positive effect on platform performance in long term.

During Q1-Q2 the platform:

  • has met all the requirements of the regulator and has started operations as a completely licensed p2p platform
  • was the first p2p platform in Europe that has implemented financial instruments – asset-backed securities (ABS)
  • has faced challenges related to Russia’s invasion on the territory of Ukraine, as one of the platform’s Loan originators had exposure in the Ukraine market.

Discover more about aspects mentioned above as well as the platform’s performance overview, platform statistics, the management report, and further plans in Debitum Interim financial report Q1-Q2 2022.

The report can be viewed here – Debitum Interim Financial Report Q1-Q2 2022

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