Debitum Network platform update: May statistics

May brought several challenges for Debitum Network. As the world economy is still under the pressure, investors are much more cautious in investing in investment platforms like Debitum Network. Therefore, we have faced a decrease in deposits and the number of assets that were facilitated by the platform. However, we are happy to see that more transparency from our side has brought many investors back to the platform and we have been successfully minimizing the effect of the pandemic. We have increased the frequency of loan originators monitoring and successfully avoided defaults on the platform. As a result, we are ready to continue our growth with the help of our investors.

The number of registered users (activated)

In May 167 new users joined the platform and activated their accounts. Notably, this signifies a 3.4% growth in the total number of active users and a 21.9% month-on-month growth rate. This was achieved by orienting several campaigns to new investors, publishing interviews with our loan originators, and sharing much more details about our due diligence processes. As more people are joining this platform, this is the perfect time for you to be a part of the Debitum Network and gain from its benefits.

Money deposited

166,995 Euro were deposited during May, which increased the total deposited amount 3,389,319 Euro, which is equal to 5.2% growth in the total deposited amount and 32.2% decrease relative to April deposited amount. The decrease was mainly caused by the pandemic as many investors decided to reduce their exposure and monitor the situation in the market. Despite the decrease, we are happy to see that our users care about their financial future even in these turbulent times and slowly start to increase their exposure on our platform as we are building more trust among our investors.

Loans originated

Assets worth 649,265 Euro were facilitated on the platform during May and that gives a total of 20,807,567 Euro worth of assets provided on the platform during all time. Compared to April figures (1,610,645 Euro facilitated during the month), there was a drop caused mainly by the pandemic as loan originators have been careful issuing new loans and a number of new loans issued were down. We expect that new partnerships and easing of the lockdown will bring more opportunities to invest and diversify your portfolio among new loan originators, and the number of loans originated will increase significantly.

Money invested

In May, 1,134,263 Euro was invested in the Debitum Network platform. That is 2.47% more than in April. Therefore, we are pleased to see that our investors were keen on investing in available assets even though there were fewer of them available. As Debitum Network is building trust, our investors are increasing their portfolio size, and more institutional investors join our platform in the coming months, we expect that the number of funds invested will increase at a much higher pace before the end of this year.

Most popular industries

Investors could invest in the assets from 14 industries in May. We have almost reached the goal that we set in April – 15 industries available on the platform. We expect to continue increasing the number to more than 15 by onboarding new loan originators.

Due to the pandemic, Debitum Network investors shifted away from the logistics sector. As a result, around 43% of investments were made in the ITT and services sectors. Most of such investment opportunities were provided by Triple Dragon Limited. Interestingly, more investors shifted to wholesale and construction sectors as they were relocating their portfolios away from the logistics and production sectors. As the lockdown is easing, stress on some industries will go down and repayments become more frequent. Therefore, we expect that industries like logistics and production will get back their share in our investors’ portfolios. All in all, you should check your balance regularly or create and activate an auto-invest plan, so that your outstanding balance would be always invested and generate interest.

Money invested using the auto-invest tool

In May, we had a 20.4% decrease in the amount which was invested using the auto-invest tool. This decrease was caused by the decrease of assets uploaded on the platform and our investors being more careful by making manual investments. This month the amount invested with the auto-invest tool reached 3,233,592 Euro (an increase of 8.85%). The tool is becoming popular among our investors despite the size of their portfolio. As more assets will be uploaded on the platform, we expect to see a positive trend in June. Therefore, do not miss another good opportunity and create an auto-invest plan today. Then, enjoy compiling interest, which the tool will reinvest for you when the principal and interest are repaid.

Disclaimer: Investments in financial products are subject to market risk and any investment should only be done with risk capital. The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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