Debitum Network platform update: May statistics

Debitum Network platform update: May statistics

Last month we celebrated a few milestones on Debitum Network platform; one that we had 2 million euros invested in assets. The other one, April was the record-breaking month in terms of investments. Another month has passed and it is time to look through the stats again. How was the month of May for Debitum Network? Take 5 minutes of your time to find out. The statistics reflect changes in the following data: number of registered users, money deposited, money invested, most popular industries and money invested using an auto-invest function. And one more important thing, last month we redesigned Debitum Network platform from square one and you can try the BETA of the updated version now.

The number of registered users

After a few months of slowed growth in registrations, we saw a tendency shift as the number of registrations picked up. 140 new users joined our Debitum Network platform last month. The total number rose from 1845 in April to 1985 in May. It is 7.59% growth in a month. We started with 556 users last September. During the period of 9 months, the number grew by 257%.

Registration on the platform is free, you can try for yourself how the new version looks and works. If you like what you see, you can deposit and start investing in the assets of your choice.  

Money deposited

There has been an acceleration of deposits in the past two months after a slow down in March. The users added 64,334 Euros to their accounts and the total number of deposits grew from 627,436 Euros to 691,770 Euros, which is 10.25% growth in May. We expect the number to increase more significantly as the users from new geographical markets (Spain) and more institutional investors onboard our platform.

Anybody can register on our platform and start investing in the assets. The minimum deposit amount is 50 Euros (from SEPA accounts or British Pounds (GBP) from local accounts, and US Dollars (USD) from US-based accounts)). The minimum investment amount is just 10 Euros. All transactions in the assets are done in Euros.

Money invested

Investors put 496,034 Euros into various industries in the month of May. This is a bit lower than the previous month, but have in mind that April was a record-breaking month in terms of investments in the assets on our platform. The total number of investments grew from 2,042,868 Euros to 2,538,902 Euros. That is 24.3% growth for the month and an astounding 6,953% increase from last September when we launched our platform. We are eying 3 million Euro milestone for the month of June.

Most popular industries

It is the 4th month in a row when the Wholesale industry has been the most popular one among investors on Debitum Network platform. For 3 straight months, investments in the assets of the industry increased regularly from 41.5% in February to 60.65% in March and to 69.37 in April. The investments for the assets in Wholesale in May was 46.2%. Average interest rates for the industry was 9.88%.

More assets came from our partner Factris Lithuania in the industry of Manufacturing and the industry was the second most popular industry among investors. 28.36% of all invested money went to the industry. The average interest rate for it stood at 9.85% in May.

The highest average interest rates were in the Services (10.74%) and the Health industries (12%).

Money invested using an auto-invest tool

The Auto-invest tool is meant to help all the investors not to miss a single investment opportunity, which matches their chosen settings. If you have created the auto-invest plan be sure to check if you haven’t disabled it by accident. In our newly updated platform, you choose a plan based on your risk tolerance: Conservative, Moderate, or Aggressive. Then set the parameters within the plan and click “CREATE NEW PLAN” button. You are all set and the feature will do the investment for you.

More and more users start using the feature. 35,865 Euros were invested using the feature in the month of May (From 95,506 Euros in April to 131,371 Euros). That is 37.55% growth in the usage of the feature. Do not let your money stay idle and take advantage of all the benefits that the auto-invest tool gives.

The BETA version of Debitum Network 2.0 is live now

9 months after the launch and we managed to transform the initial version of the platform from square one. The BETA version of Debitum Network 2.0 is live now. We got a lot of feedback from both influencers, and platform users. Most of it is great! We and the users are happy with the major update that we managed to achieve. The new version is way more user-friendly, simple to use, and customized for mobile users. Check it out for yourself.

Disclaimer: Investments in financial products are subject to market risk and any investment should only be done with risk capital. The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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