Debitum Network platform update: November statistics

November was a great month for Debitum platform! Towards the end of November, Debitum platform reached a new milestone – outstanding portfolio of 3 million Euro! Therefore, the team of Debitum is grateful to investors who trust the platform and continue increasing their portfolios. In addition to that, Debitum has experienced an increased investment activity and investors’ shift towards long-term assets from our trusted loan originators. Also, more and more investors are using the auto-invest tool to minimize their cashdrag. This greatly contributed to increased investment activity. Moreover, Debitum will become a regulated platform starting from January 2021! The team of Debitum expects that the license will greatly increase the trustworthiness of the platform and more investors will join the community!

The number of registered users (activated)

Number of usersThe growth of the user base is still one of the key challenges that Debitum is trying to solve. Similar to the results of previous months, 128 investors have joined the platform during November. That is 14 users less than in October. Overall, that is a 2.24% growth of the total user base. The number of people who invited their friends is 43, compared to 53 in October. Unfortunately, attracting new users to the platforms proves to be a great challenge for the platform. The growth of the user base has been stable for several months in a row and a faster increase is much needed to give our investors more investment opportunities and features on the platform. Currently, the team of Debitum is contacting various bloggers, influencers, and magazines to obtain more presence around Europe. Moreover, a special campaign is on its way!

Money deposited

Funds deposited

November was another great month for the platform in terms of deposits. In November alone, our investors deposited 440,380 EUR, the second-highest amount since last February. That is an impressive 8.72% growth of the total deposited funds volume. The average deposit reached  1,143 EUR in November while in October it was 1,358 EUR. This is a result of more high net-worth individuals joining the platform in November and October than in September. Also, Debitum launched the Black Friday campaign which brought great results in terms of deposits. Moreover, Debitum team is actively communicating with the biggest investors and managed to attract more funds from them. All in all, Debitum compensates for the lack of new users by achieving good results in the account management of existing investors.

Loans originated

Loans originated

Assets worth 1,766,641 EUR were facilitated on the platform during November. That gives a total of 29,165,888 EUR worth of assets provided on the platform during all time. Compared to October figures (1,984,840 EUR facilitated during the month), Debitum has provided the third-highest volume of loans since last February. As a result, there were no complaints from our investors about a lack of assets on the platform. Average loan size in November – 8,702 Euro. Debitum is actively trying to diversify its portfolio and includes loans from all loan originators on the platform. As a result, more than half of the portfolio in November consisted of business loans from various loan originators.

Loans provided by loan originatorMoney invested

Money invested

In November, Debitum investors invested 1,668,457 EUR in assets on the platform. That is, again, the second-highest amount since last February. The increase of deposits and loans provided on the platform helped the investment figures to jump up. Although there were fewer factoring loans on the platform, Debitum investors chose longer-term investments for a higher interest rate. Additionally, new loan originators were well-received by our investors. For instance, Evergreen Capital assets were fully funded within a week from uploading them. In addition, the Black Friday campaign played a significant role in the increase. Besides, our biggest investors increased their exposure on the platform and invested in the new assets.

Most popular industries

Investment per industry

In November, Debitum investors invested in assets from 12 industries. Most of the investments went to the ITT, services, and trade sectors. Most of the assets in the services sector were invoice financing loans that have high turnover. Contrastingly, most of the assets in the ITT and trade sectors were business loans with longer terms. Despite that, Debitum investors trust the loan originators which provide these loans and increase their investment in these companies.

Investments by loan originator

Money invested using the auto-invest tool

In November, similar to the overall invested volume on the platform, Debitum experienced a significant increase of automatic investments. 721,360 EUR were invested using the auto-invest tool. That is a 43.24% of the total invested volume in November. Debitum investors are more willing to use the auto-invest tool as there are more and more different loans added on the platform. If an investor seeks to diversify his portfolio, the auto-invest tool is one of the essentials to begin with. As more assets will be uploaded on the platform, we expect to see a positive trend in November. Therefore, do not miss another good opportunity and create an auto-invest plan today. Then, enjoy compiling interest, which the tool will reinvest for you when the principal and interest are repaid.

Disclaimer: Investments in financial products are subject to market risk and any investment should only be done with risk capital. The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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