Debitum Network platform update: November statistics

Debitum Network platform update: November statistics

Another month has passed by and we want to give you a Debitum Network platform update for November. We are happy with the positive tendency and hope you have enjoyed your interest earned on Debitum Network. One record was broken, users continued registering on the platform, a new loan originator joined us, we started a cashback campaign (it is still on) and more good things happened. Let’s quickly look at the numbers together. And there’s a special offer at the end of the post! 

The number of registered users (activated)

324 new users registered and activated their accounts last month. This is the second-best number after October when 547 new users joined Debitum Network. The total number of registered users (who have activated their accounts) has risen from 3,189 to 3,513. It is a 10.16% growth in a month and 573% since the launch. If you haven’t joined Debitum Network yet, you can do it right away. It takes just a minute to register. 😉

Money deposited

The amount of deposits grows at a regular pace. Users added 149,584 Euros to their accounts last month. The total amount of deposits grew from 1,372,639 Euros in October to 1,522,223 Euros in November. It is a 10.9% growth in a month. 

Debitum Network offers investors the potential to earn up to 15% annually, and you can make a deposit as many times as you want. The minimum deposit amount is 50 Euros (from SEPA accounts or British Pounds (GBP) from local accounts, and US Dollars (USD) from US-based accounts)). The minimum investment amount is just 10 Euros. All transactions in the assets are done in Euros. 

We are still running our cashback campaign of 1% for deposits starting with 1,000 Euros. The campaign ends on the 20th of December. You still have time to jump in and start investing. More on that in our previous blog post

The amount of loans originated

For the third straight month, we have originated over a million Eur worth of loans on the platform. The total volume of loans reached 1.11 million worth of euros by the end of November. The number is expected to grow rapidly as last month we onboarded a new loan originator from Romania “Mikro Kapital” and plenty of loans from them have been uploaded on Debitum Network and around 15 have already been funded. 

Money invested

In November, a record amount was invested on Debitum Network – 1,013,499 Euros. This is the first time we crossed the 1 million Euro mark in the year. The total amount invested grew 16.6% in a month. We expect the amount to grow tenfold by the end of next year, as we are negotiating with institutional investors and may possibly onboard some at the beginning of next year. 

Most popular industries

The number of most popular industries expanded from 8 in October to 11 in November. New loan originator Mikro Kapital brought new assets and new industries. We expect even more with the onboarding of new loan originators, most probably at the beginning of 2020.  

The Services industry assets were the most popular among investors in November. More than 30% of the total invested amount went to the assets of the industry. About the same percentage of investments went to the Logistics industry. The 2 industries took more than 50% of all investments. 

All of the 15 test assets from our partner Vihorev Investments were funded in November. We are cooperating with the originator and most likely have a new batch of assets once the first repayments for short term assets come. Stay tuned!   

Money invested using an auto-invest tool

3 months in a row we saw a record broken in the usage of auto-invest tool on our platform. 251,241 euros were invested using the tool. That is a 28.76% rise in a month. Investors get a lot of benefits using the tool. You can simply create an auto-invest plan in a few minutes with the parameters of your choice and the tool will do the job for you. That is a job being done, without you doing the job! Do not miss another good opportunity and create a plan today. Then, enjoy compiling interest, which the tool will reinvest for you when the principal and interest are repaid.

Special offer of the week

The Special offer of the week comes from our newest partner and loan originator Mikro Kapital Romania. The Company is a family business that provides event organization services with main focus on fairs and exhibitions. The asset has an excellent credit score and a great annual interest. Plus, if the borrower is late with the repayment, there is a 10% penalty rate, which can increase your return greatly. Sounds good enough? Take a look at the asset and if you like what you see, be sure to add it to your portfolio.

Disclaimer: Investments in financial products are subject to market risk and any investment should only be done with risk capital. The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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