Debitum Network platform update: September statistics

Debitum Network platform update: September statistics:

Another month has passed by and it is time to look at the statistics from Debitum Network platform for September. We are excited as we saw record-breaking numbers in 3 areas. New milestones have been reached and new targets have been set. It is an exciting time to be investing on Debitum Network. Continue reading and find out how we performed last month. There is a special offer for you at the end :).

The number of registered users (activated)

Last month, a total number of registered users (who have activated their accounts) have risen to 2,642. 258 new users joined Debitum Network in September. This is a 10.82% growth in a month. When the platform launched last September we had 522 users. It means the number has grown by 406%. Our regular cooperation with bloggers and influencers, as well as onboarding of new parties, will likely increase the number of users within the upcoming year significantly. If you like Debitum Network you can contribute to its’ growth and earn money by doing so. We have a  Referral program, which will help you and your referrals to earn extra cash.

Money deposited

The amount of deposits is not slowing down. Growing interest rates motivate investors to deposit and invest in more assets and larger amounts. The users added 127,521 Euros to their accounts and the total amount of deposits grew from 962,299 Euros in August to 1,089,820 Euros in September. It is a 13.25% growth in a month. We managed to reach 1 million Euro deposits within a year and have the ambition to multiply the amount by a dozen times. 

If you want to join our investment community and earn up to 15% annually, you can do it by completing a 1-minute registration. Then, deposit, and start investing in the assets right away. The minimum deposit amount is 50 Euros (from SEPA accounts or British Pounds (GBP) from local accounts, and US Dollars (USD) from US-based accounts)). The minimum investment amount is just 10 Euros. All transactions in the assets are done in Euros. 

The amount of loans originated in EUR

September saw a record-breaking amount of loans originated on Debitum Network. That is more than 1.5 million worth of euros. This is a 92.6% increase from August. We expect even greater growth shortly as we are in negotiations with new loan originators and will most likely onboard some by the end of the year. Stay tuned!

Money invested

The second record was in the amount invested in the assets. Close to 1 million EUR was invested in September (924,900 euros). That is a growth of 20.98% in a month. We also crossed a 5 million EUR milestone of total investments. This may not seem much now, but the trend has been upwards for a few months now and we expect a way bigger growth this year.    

Most popular industries

In September, we had an increase in the number of industries on our platform. In previous months, the stats would reflect 5 or 6 industries. In September, we had 8. More is coming as quite a few preliminary agreements are being drawn with potential loan originators. 

The Wholesale industry assets drew the most interest from investors last month. More than ⅓ of the total invested amount went to the assets of the industry. 25% of the investments went to the Logistics industry. The 2 industries got slightly more than 50% of all investments. Attractive interest rates and short-term duration of the assets could be two major reasons for the interest in the assets. 

About 5% was invested in the Real Estate industry assets. The assets come from our newest partner and loan originator Vihorev Investments. They are long term and vary from 110 to 290 days. It is important to diversify between long term and short term, so investors should consider adding some of the assets to their portfolios. The interest rates are attractive too: 9%-10%.  

Money invested using an auto-invest tool

There was also a record in the usage of the auto-invest tool in September. 187,661 euros were invested using the tool. That is a 42.04% increase in a month. Creating and using an auto-invest plan has obvious advantages over doing manual investing. Relying on the tool helps you to use every investment opportunity. You never miss an asset, which has parameters of your preference. You do not have to sit glued to the screen waiting for new assets to be uploaded to be the first to invest. Any time an asset that meets the set criteria in your chosen auto-invest plan is uploaded on our platform, the auto-invest tool automatically invests on your behalf. It does the job for you and ensures you never miss a good opportunity as you stay ahead of the rest of investors who invest manually. If you haven’t created and activated an auto-invest plan, you can do it today. 

Special offer of the week  

Top asset of the week comes from our partner and loan originator Factris. The borrowing company is a European based distributor of vehicle parts and accessories with a focus on service structure and quality, creating the highest value for the customer in the auto exploitation market. The Company has more than 14 million EUR in revenues, employs more than 80 people, and has been in business for more than 27 years. The Purchaser of the invoice is a manufacturer of refined petroleum products, it has more than 22 million EUR in revenues, employs more than 50 people, and has been in business for more than 21 years. The asset is an excellent choice for a fast turnover of your funds and attractive interest. Take a look at the asset. 

Disclaimer: Investments in financial products are subject to market risk and any investment should only be done with risk capital. The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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