December 15, 2017

Debitum Network signs partnership deal with Shift Forex

On 14th of December Debitum Network signed agreement with the exchange solution partner Shift Forex. This partnership will allow us to integrate and use exchange platform in Debitum Network solution.

Shift Forex has over 20 years experience in developing currency platforms for Forex exchange and have deployed more than 15 crypto currency exchanges. The deal is the first of many to come, enabling Debitum Network:

– Control Debitum tokens liquidity. Starting from February we will have our own exchange platform where anyone will be able to buy or sell their DEB tokens. This will also add more confidence for us negotiating with larger exchange partners.

– During crowdsale Round B anyone will be able to contribute fiat currency (USD, EUR etc.) and receive DEB tokens.

Watch Debitum Network cofounder Martins Liberts announcement below

A visionary and co-founder of Debitum Network Martins Liberts reveals the following company steps in Round A crowdsale.

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Hello, everyone. Nice to see you here. It’s Debitum Network. We are more than halfway through our day on contributions, and contributions are rolling in steadily. We’re happy to see that in couple of next days, we will reach a minimum target we need to the system. There was some issues in the very beginning, mostly due to crypto that were taking all the network, so your contributions were stopped, didn’t get through. You had to put a lot of gas. The hype is thankfully gone, and now you can contribute easier. Right?

We are very confident in that we will reach our target. Therefore, we already started to talk and to work on the Debitum Network platform. What we have done, we have made an agreement with an exchange partner, and they will give us the technology and services for us to integrate exchange into Debitum Network. We are also negotiating agreement with facilitator to be able to receive and send fiat money. Right?

With that in mind, it means that in round B, you will definitely be able to contribute in fiat, but do not wait for round B. Do your contributions in round A to get the 30% bonus and be part of Debitum Network. Thank you.