Debitum Network Team at World Blockchain Forum in London

Every year, Keynote World Blockchain Forum organizes the biggest blockchain industry influencer event – World Blockchain Forum London, where visionary leaders, economic pioneers, and enterprising investors from around the world come and discuss the future of our financial world. The event features world-class speakers that participate in discussions that help shape the future of blockchain. The leaders in their respective fields share their insights into the perils, pitfalls, and promise of blockchain as it emerges onto the wider global stage.

Debitum Network – the golden sponsor of the event

This year, Debitum Network was the golden sponsor of the event. On the 3rd-5th of September, 7 members of our team went there to take part and share about the company. The event coincided with the launch of the long-awaited Debitum Network platform Abra 1.0. Martins Liberts, the co-founder of the company presented the newly launched product to the attendees. Everyone interested could visit the booth of Debitum Network at the premises and try live platform for themselves. Debitum Network team members were there to answer all the questions about the platform and guide through the whole investment process. The attendees demo tested the platform. There were 201 demo investments during the event. One of the most popular features among attendees was filtering of assets according to risk: aggressive, moderate and conservative. They used it to form specific risk briefcases and there were 60 confirmed demo investments in those briefcases. The total amount invested was 446 573 EUR (demo).

Highlights of Martins Liberts‘ speech

When Martins took the stage, he shared the following: “blockchain is still so tiny in the grand scheme of things that the industry should stop dreaming that it can become mainstream without providing great products and services”. Comparing it to Uber, which he argued is successful without the average person knowing how the technology behind it works. The visionary said that “companies need to focus on bringing usability and value to the society”.

He also briefly shared the story behind Debitum Network stressing that it is crucial for small businesses to have control and not be limited to go after their dreams or even be forced to sell themselves due to lack of access to funding.

Platform Abra 1.0 live and what does it offer?

The first version of the dream is already available for small businesses, investors and service providers around the world. Platform Abra 1.0 starts with around half a million EUR worth of assets (loans) an institutional or individual investor can choose from and the platform is expected to be rolled out in 15 countries in 2019. Martins presented some of the functionalities of the platform, explained how to filter out assets according to risk: conservative, moderate or aggressive and eventually demonstrated how easy it is to invest on the platform by investing himself 1000 $ right there on the stage.

The solution Debitum Network has come up with a model that incorporates traditional lending in fiat, and utilize the power of innovative blockchain technologies. The platform is open to all investors to invest flexible amounts from 10 EUR to 10 million EUR. Small businesses can borrow from 10 000 EUR to 1 million EUR with maturity terms from 2 weeks to 6 months. Service providers (risk assessment, insurance, and debt collection) will be able to join soon.

Attendees test platform and new connections

After the speech, Debitum Network held an after-party to celebrate an official launch of the platform. The event took place at Balls Brothers Burry Court which is in the middle of symbolic London’s financial center. During the informal event, the team answered all the remaining questions about the company and the platform, discussed plans, and made a lot of new acquaintances.

During the event, Martinš Liberts had a lot of interviews with different media outlets including New Kids on the Blockchain, Business Leader, Block TV, iAMmarketing, etc.

It has been over a week now after the launch and the platform is getting traction as investors on-board and start investing in the available assets.

Got interested? You can try our platform too!

Below are some of the photos from the event. Enjoy!

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