Debitum platform update: February statistics (2023)

Dear investors and partners,

Platform performance February results reveal a great start of the year. New Loan originator – Flexiadea Polska – assets are available for investments; increased rates for existing Loan Originators; improvements of the platform (“About us” section rebuilt); new deposits inflow and more and more investors who appreciate investing in secured business loans in a regulated environment.

Number of assets (loans) pooled into Asset-Backed Securities by Loan Originator

In February Debitum offered to place investments in 12 ABS programs consisting of 202 loans.

Total number of assets placed in the platform

At the end of February total number of assets exceeded 40 programs -> 41 ABS programs with altogether 509 business loans financed or available for financing. The total amount of funding increased by almost 2 mil EUR.

The number of registered users (activated)

The number of new users continued to grow at an increasing rate – 81 new active investors joined Debitum in February

Money deposited

In February the volume of new funds in the platform increased by 800 000 EUR which is the increasing and positive tendency of inflow of new funds on Debitum.

Total money invested

The money invested in ABS assets in February altogether was 1.3 mil EUR which is the largest increase in a year. The total money invested in February was 61.6 mil EUR

The proportion of investments by loan originators

In February TRIPLE DRAGON maintained the leading position in terms of the proportion of investments made in assets. FLEXIDEA POLSKA stepped in and took 5.5% of total investments. We expect to see the growth of popularity of the FLEXIADEA POLSKA assets in the upcoming months.

Months’ Average interest rate (p.a.)

The average interest rate for all assets available rocketed up to 9.76% p.a. and we expect to experience this positive tendency as well in the next months.

Interest paid

In February the amount of interest paid to investors was 33 029 EUR.

* Debitum reminds – your earnings may be higher or lower than expected. Investing puts your capital at risk. Any indicated return does not guarantee the same future performance.

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