Debitum platform update: June statistics (2022)

Number of assets (loans) pooled into number of Asset-Backed Securities from which Loan Originator

At the beginning of July Debitum Asset-Backed Security offer was 5,  TRIPLE DRAGON had 15 underlying assets in 3 ABSs, EVERGREEN CAPITAL had 45 underlying assets in 2 ABSs.

The number of registered users (activated)

In June, we reached 9357 registered users.

Compared to May, the number of registered users in May has grown by 123 users (1.33%). Compared to June 2021 number of registered users in June 2022 has grown by 2142 users (29,69%).

Money deposited

In June, we have reached 12.6 mil. € of deposited funds.

Compared to June 2021 money deposited in June 2022 has grown by 4.7 mil. (59,49%).

Loans originated

In June, Debitum platform originated 1 mil. € worth of loans to invest in.

Percentage of investments into loan originators

In June of all investments – 75.57% are in TRIPLE DRAGON, 16.51% are in EVERGREEN CAPITAL, and 7.92% are in FLEXIDEA.

Money invested

In June, we have reached 55.5 mil. € of money invested.

Compared to May, the money invested in June has grown by 0,6 mil. (1.09%). Compared to June 2021 money invested in June 2022 has increased by 22.7 mil. (69.21%).

Loans provided by each loan originator

In June of new loans provided 26.01% is from TRIPLE DRAGON, 63,84% is from FLEXIDEA, 10.15% is from EVERGREEN CAPITAL.

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