Debitum platform update: October statistics (2022)

Number of assets (loans) pooled into a number of Asset-Backed Securities from which the Loan Originator

At the beginning of November Debitum Asset-Backed Security offer was 5,  TRIPLE DRAGON had 10 underlying assets in 2 ABSs, FLEXIDEA had 1 ABSs with 5 business loans and EVERGREEN CAPITAL had 44 underlying assets in 2 ABSs.

Total number of assets placed in Debitum platform

At the end of October total number of assets placed in Debitum reached – 28 ABS programs with 345 underlying assets. The total amount of funding – 72 million EUR.

The number of registered users

In October, we reached 3496 registered users.

Money deposited

In October, we reached 13 million  EUR of deposited funds.

Compared to October 2021 money deposited in October 2022 has grown by 33%.

Money invested

In October, we reached 57.6 million EUR of money invested.

Compared to October 2021 money invested in October 2022 has increased by  (40%).

Percentage of investments into loan originators

In October of all investments – 59.01% were in TRIPLE DRAGON, 14.71% were in EVERGREEN CAPITAL, and 14.71% in FLEXIDEA.

Average interest rate (p.a.)

In October average interest rate for all assets available was 9.96%

* Debitum reminds – your earnings may be higher or lower than expected. Investing puts your capital at risk. Any indicated return does not guarantee the same future performance.

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