Debitum – the real passive income with Auto Invest

“We are happy to announce that after several months of intensive design and development work, we have launched Debitum Auto Invest. Newly implemented functionality embodies both – easy to use and never seen before truly passive income functionality.”

Currently, investors can create Auto Invest strategy and personalize it by applying the following settings:

  • the maximum amount of investment dedicated to auto-functionality,
  • min and max rate of return
  • specific investment period
  • maximum single investment amount
  • exclude or include specific Loan Originators
  • minimum wallet balance – the amount of funds that won’t be touched by Auto Invest so investors can withdraw or manually invest it.

“As there are many Auto Invests on the market, we have had an opportunity to try them, take the best practices, and come up with some novelty. As the P2P industry stands for passive investing, our goal was to create real passive income Auto Invest tool. And here I would like to highlight AUTO WITHDRAWAL functionality. It means investors can set conditions that monthly interest earned from active investments will automatically be transferred to the investor’s bank account. Without a single extra click from the investor’s side. The only thing investor must do – come to Debitum once, set Auto Invest rules and enjoy investing and focus on other things in life.”

We invite everyone – new investors as well as those who have joined Debitum community years ago – not only to try new functionality but also share user experience and opinion with us (by sending feedback to [email protected] or directly to [email protected]) .

“Your opinion will help us to improve existing functionality as well as develop Auto Invest into an even more convenient tool for investment management.”

CEO Henrijs Jansons


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