Debitum transitions into Debitum Investments

Starting from February 28, 2024, the business loan platform Debitum will transition into Debitum Investments.

From now on, the official name of the platform will be Debitum Investments. Therefore, the platform will be available by visiting the web address The logo of the platform has also experienced some up-lifts.

Significant changes in the platform have already started in the middle of 2023 when Debitum ownership structure was changed. Platform was acquired by three finance industry experts – Ingus Salmiņš, Ēriks Reņģītis, and the current CEO of the platform, Henrijs Jansons (to the article).

After the owners’ change, the team was significantly strengthened, the share capital of the platform was increased, investment products were modified (shorter terms, daily interest repayments), as well as important platform development projects were implemented – Auto Invest was introduced, and the overall functionality was improved.

“The status of a regulated platform is the central axis around which the operation and development of Debitum revolves. The platform’s name change is the next logical step in the long-term development of the platform. Why DEBITUM INVESTMENTS? Because I expect that in the future the company will offer a wider range of investment products, which will not be limited to investments in business loans. The new name more precisely embodies the business mindset and development direction of the company,” comments Debitum Investments CEO, Henrijs Jansons.

Investors positively evaluate our efforts and the direction of development. This is confirmed by the positive reviews of existing investors and industry professionals, as well as the rapid growth of new investors and the volume of investments. We have reached 13 million Euros in the active portfolio, and it continues to grow.

The transition to the new brand name and domain will not affect the availability and operation of the platform. Platform operations will be maintained at the proper level, and it is planned that all services will be available to investors without interruption. In case investors do encounter any difficulties, please contact us via e-mail [email protected] or through social networks.

“Since this is another great milestone done for us, we have placed many attractive investments offers on the platform. The total amount of available assets is almost 1 million Euros, and it contains ABSs with rates from 11.00 – 15.00% p.a., with terms from 2 months and with daily or monthly interest repayments. I believe that every investor will find suitable investment objects on Debitum Investments,” sums up Henrijs Jansons.

We thank every investor for trusting in us. We will continue to maintain the high standards of our operations.

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