Evergreen new ABS comes with an increased interest rate

From the first days of the year 2023, Debitum loan originators are increasing interest rates for new assets added to the platform.

UK-based company Triple Dragon and Flexidea Polska already have launched ABS programs with more attractive conditions (btw Triple Dragon ABSs with 2- and 3-year periods were “sold out” in 2 days).

Now, from the first days of March, our long-term partner Evergreen Capital offers to invest in Estonian SMEs at an increased interest rate –10.5% p.a. which is 1.5% higher compared to the regular rate.

As the new assets are available to investors, we invited Kristjan Tolmats, co-founder of Evergreen Capital, to tell more about the company’s origins and current performance. You can find an interview with Kristjan “Steering safely through storms” in the Debitum blog.

ABS program details:

  • ABS ID: 28472327-6ff6-4135-81d7-610aa9e5a182
  • Total loan amount – 107 000 EUROS
  • Interest – 10.50% p.a.
  • Period – 12 months
  • Category – C+.
  • Collateral – a personal guarantee of the owner/manager of the company up to double the amount of the loan; real estate pledge.
  • Penalty rate – 18%

More detailed information – available here

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