March 15, 2018

Exchanges, Business partnerships, the Team, working through the night and why are we so quiet

Exchanges, Business partnerships, the Team, working through the night and why are we so quiet. Here is what you might have missed and the news.




DEB tokens are listed on Lykke and KuCoin exchanges. Other exchanges to follow, no timeline available as of yet.


We have reached out to several exchanges to find the best environment for our token holders over the last several weeks. Some of the conversations are still ongoing and some have quieted down.

Currently, DEB tokens are listed on KuCoin and Lykke exchanges. We focused on selected the exchanges that bring the most value to our token holders. Sadly not all things can be achieved but we looked to strike a balance with fees, account setup, easy navigation, token selection inventory, trust, and security.

As much as we would like to bring DEB to top-tier exchanges (like Huobi, Binance, GDAX, Bitifinex, Kraken to name a few) and to some smaller ones’ today, the reality is that their strict listing policies and requirements do not easily allow entry of new tokens. A great article about this on Business Insider. We understand the due diligence in the process and agree that there should be a strong quality control. That’s why we will continue to negotiate with them and find a way to make it possible. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you an estimate of when it will happen as some negotiations are only starting and some of them are already in the NDA (Non-Disclosure-Agreement) phase.

For now, you can find DEB on KuCoin and on Lykke.  And we will continue to support our token holders with issues that they might have with these exchanges.


Business Partnerships

Our product team has secured an independent 3rd party for developing a Trust Arbitrage algorithm. You can read about Trust Arbitrate importance in our White Paper. Essentially what this means is that there will be a clear, transparent, independent 3rd party developed algorithm for evaluating service transactions and involved parties.

We believe this will drive value for everyone using the platform and push the participants to provide the best quality services.

We choose a great University Research Facility to develop the algorithm. We will unveil more details about this partnership in the upcoming weeks.


The Team

As we transition from crowd sale activities into a more product and business focused activities our team is changing and growing. Don’t worry Martins, Donatas and Justas are not going anywhere. They are still the Co-founders. We are still sitting next to each other in the same office. Martins is stepping up to the CEO role of the company (which let’s be honest it is just a title change), Donatas will continue to support us in partnerships with his vast network of acquaintances, Justas will remain as the main CFA advising the product team on up to date finance needs of the SME market.

We are very excited about the new joiners and hope our community will give them a warm welcome as well. We are attracting key professionals in their fields to continue to build the business and improve the product.

We will give each team member a proper introduction in the upcoming weeks as well as update the team section on our website.


Working through the night and why are we so quiet


We are still here, prioritizing support and answering messages. Bounty and Affiliate tokens have been delivered. Our updates will become less frequent but expect to receive an update every week on our blog. Thank you for a great week.


We saw several messages on Telegram about concerns that we are “too quiet”, “going dark”, “disappearing” and we want to address your concerns. We are here, actually more than ever. And yes, we see your messages and your emails and will try to respond to every one of you as much as we can. Currently, we are prioritizing messages with technical or major issues, but we will answer all your concerns eventually.

The team has been dedicating more of their time for support (including Martins) during this week as it has been a productive week with token deliveries, exchange listings, and new partnerships. The team agreed to prioritize community support until March 20th. So if it is extremely urgent please send us an email to [email protected] and we will try to resolve it as soon as we can and most issues get resolved over 2 working days. After March 20th we want to allow our product team, business development team and Martins to focus on the business and bringing the platform to the market. We will still have team members answering your concerns, but please be patient and give us 10 working days to resolve them. We promise not to leave anyone behind.

The team has spent already several nights “hyped” about the project in the office working to help the token holder community.

Overwhelming several days at the start of the week. Due to technical limitations, we were a bit late with bounty and affiliate bonus distribution and we apologize for that. Thank you to our supporters, our partners and the whole team for an outstanding job. We were positively surprised by the share amount of supporters we received during our crowdsale. 6800 addresses received their bonuses in these last few days.

Full disclosure – not all affiliates received their bonuses as we did not have an address where to send their tokens. Don’t worry we won’t forget you. Your cryptos are safe. Please contact us at [email protected] and we will sort it out.

Our office looked like a movie scene – a whole floor full of computers and employees checking and initiating transfers with activity supervisors working from a single massive list of our Bounty and Affiliate supporters. Whiteboards being marked with Activities progress. We ended up working way past midnight on Monday.  It’s moments like these that help build the team closer together and inspire us to produce the best work we can.

We promise to not disappear and bring the news when we can. Our blog posts and messages won’t be as frequent as you probably got used to in the last few months. As you have noticed our last messages have been a bit cryptic with Non-Disclosures and not being able to present everything. We know – it’s annoying. We will try to provide better news about the project and thus might be less frequent about it but with better quality. Do expect to receive an update from us at least each week on our blog. This will be the main go-to place for all our announcements and messages moving forward. And hey if you have questions about how is it going, don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected]

Thank you again for a great week to the team and our community managers – Niobium, Luc O, Bart, Jurinta, Gabriele, Vytis, Jack Nieve, Alan Daniel, Trong Vu, Ingrid Wu,  Alex Bayov.

And a special thanks to all the positive people in the Community – Leonard Mills, Dan, Scrappy Coins just to name a few, don’t worry we see all of you. These positive messages keep us going.


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