First Evergreen Capital ABS program – repaid!

Our Estonia-based partner – non-bank financing company Evergreen Capital which issues business loans to Estonian SMEs has fully repaid its first ABS program.

The first ABS program, created by 23 pooling together business loans, was repaid 8 days before its maturity date.

“We are delighted to continue cooperation with Debitum and platform investors. Before Debitum released ABS programs investors were able to invest in separate business loans issued in Estonia. ABS financial instruments give an additional angle of security to investors. Nevertheless, Evergreen Capital approach always has been to build and maintain long-term relations. Keeping promises – in this case, repaying in time – is the best way to show it,” reveals Kristjan Tolmats, co-founder of Evergreen Capital.

Evergreen Capital first repaid ABS program details:

  • Volume – 103 129.7 EUR
  • Period: 1 year
  • Interest rate p.a. – 9.25%
  • Interest paid to investors 7 406.07 EUR
  • Principal and interest paid – no delays, paid fully

We invite you to invest in other Evergreen Capital ABS programs available on Debitum with interest rates from 9.50 to 10.75% p.a.

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