February 23, 2018

Full loop of ecosystem members for Debitum Network launch

Hello, dear members of Debitum Network community,

Debitum Network crowdsale is moving at a fast speed – less than 10% of unsold tokens left! With our crowdsale going strong, we are actively concentrating on development and progress of Debitum Network ecosystem product. In a short time, we intend to start up and put to the test the functioning ecosystem prior to the system launch. These actions will facilitate the experience gain, processes analysis, and launching of the quality product.

Credital signed a partnership agreement with Debitum Network to lend money to small business via our ecosystem. Credital is an alternative lending company, cooperating with a variety of local SMEs and helping them get business loans. Now they will be able to put individual loan requests on Debitum Network and use the whole ecosystem to get additional services and financing for their customers faster, more efficiently and cost-effectively. It is the last step in closing the loop ensuring the version 1.0 “ABRA” is functional in at the least a single market – Lithuania:

  • Credital: will provide various small business loan applications to Debitum Network.
  • Scorify: will access their credit score using their machine learning algorithms and data collected from various sources. Or PayPie: will provide credit scoring based on business accounting data.
  • eSkolos (Legal Balance) and Inform Debtor: will ensure two choices for debt collection services according to local regulations.

Then we go a step further! To create a better version of 1.0 “ABRA” and to test-ride the Debitum Network financing process, we are going to facilitate the manual financing process, starting today. What it means: as we have included the very minimum of necessary parties, we will simulate Debitum Network ecosystem flow manually, and provide the privately picked investors with an opportunity to invest in a handful of credit scored assets. If these actions were not enough to assure you what a fantastic team Debitum Network has and how we are getting set for great success in the future together with a significant impact on solving the accessibility for small businesses financing, check out this version 1.0 “ABRA” initial designs:

Let’s make the world a better place for SMEs together. Last chance to join our crowdsale – hurry up!