How Christmas gift found lucky investor!

As we all know, Debitum partner UK-based company Triple Dragon on 12th of December celebrated its 6th year anniversary. And all Debitum investors who had active investments on this date participated in the Christmas lottery (provided by Triple Dragon).
Therefore, Debitum went to London to meet Triple Dragon and to witness THE MOMENT!
We met Triple Dragon co-founder Pieter van der Pijl in a very special place – the gaming bar Platform. In this very place 3 years ago met Triple Dragon and Debitum for the first time. The Triple Dragon-financed games were tested in-action and the deal was signed.

Platform in action


Names of more than 1100 investors (from the Republic of South Africa in the South to Sweden in the North and from Japan in the East to Costa Rica in the West) were brought by Debitum CEO Henrijs Jansons and placed in Christmas sock.

Everyone was ready for the gift

But there was only one – the lucky one! With a calm and fair hand, Pieter pulled out a note with the investor’s name on it.

Just a few moments and HERE WE GO – a person from Germany was announced!

The prize set was arranged, the hands were shaken and Play Station 5 could start its journey to Germany.

The Christmas gift with help of Debitum team traveled the London streets to find a post office.

Found it, no doubt. The gift was carefully packed …

…and was passed to the safest of all hands (or maybe paws) – the London Christmas Postman, Rudolph the rein-doog! 🙂

Merry Christmas and Wealthy New Year everyone!

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