How to use auto-invest tool

How to use auto-invest tool:

New design, simplified UX, improved mobile user experience are among the many things that make the Debitum Network 2.0 version superior. Functions are better and easier to use. One of them is an auto-invest tool. Setting it up and using it a bit differs from the previous version. We want to help users to use the tool as it creates a lot of benefits and simplifies the investment process among many other things. Therefore, we will go through the steps on how to create an auto-invest plan and use it to take advantage of all the benefits. 

Benefits of using auto-invest tool

  1. Increase your returns exponentially

The tool helps you to invest and later reinvest your returns in the future without you moving a finger. Compound interest is the thing all smart investors are after. Debitum Network short-term loans are probably the best options to generate compound interest. You can invest in 2-month term assets and then reinvest earned returns 6 or even more times over. Over the years, the compounded interest generates even higher returns. Read our previous posts about possibilities of making compound interest with Debitum Network. 

  1. You can spread your investments over multiple assets

When you set up an auto-invest plan, you can spread your investments over many assets, which fall within the category of the plan you have created. Thus, you can put 1,000 euros into 10, 20, 50, or even 100 assets. How come? The minimum investment amount on Debitum Network is just 10 euros. It enables you to diversify and stay calm with your investments. The auto-invest does the job on your behalf investing into assets according to your set criteria and the amounts you have chosen. 

  1. You never miss an excellent investment opportunity

When an asset that meets your set parameters is uploaded on the platform, the auto-invest tool immediately invests in it. It means it helps you to stay ahead of the rest of the crowd of investors who make their investments manually. It is crucial as the amounts for the assets are not very large and can be funded quite fast. Thus, the auto-invest tool comes in handy here and helps you to have the upper hand. 

How to set up an auto-invest plan on Debitum Network

With Debitum Network version 2.0 setting up an auto-invest plan is easy. Firstly, click Auto-invest in the menu bar, and then choose an investment plan that fits your risk tolerance best: Conservative, Moderate, or Aggressive. Click ‘CREATE’, or simply click an empty square ‘+Create new plan’. Then, choose the parameters inside the plan, and finally, activate your plan.

Firstly, decide risk score limits by dragging the marker left and right till you set up the boundaries that fit your risk tolerance. As you do that, you will see the number of assets that match the credit score changes (on the right). 

Then, select the boundaries for interest rates for the assets you would be willing to invest in. The Lifetime Invested Interest Rate on Debitum Network is currently 10.11%. That is what you might expect to earn annually. However, if you reinvest your returns, you can make more than that and in the long run. If you keep on depositing and investing/reinvesting, the earned profits will increase dramatically due to compounding. 

Next, choose the loan originators. You can have all of them or choose a specific one. Define the minimum and maximum amounts for your particular plan. The minimum investment amount is 10 euros. And there is no limit amount! Then, choose whether you want to reinvest your earned interest after the repayment. After that, select the minimum and maximum amounts of investment in one asset. 

If you want the auto-invest tool to ‘Include assets already invested in’, then drag the marker right. It is useful if you invest in a lot of assets, or if you have invested in all of the available assets. Then, you can increase your position size in the assets you have already added to your portfolio. 

Last but not least, you have to give your plan a name (it’s your choice entirely). After that, choose whether you want to invest only in assets that have a buyback guarantee or both. Then, accept the generic terms of Assignment Agreements and press ‘Create Plan’. Then click ‘ACTIVATE PLAN’, and the auto-invest tool immediately starts investing for you. You will see assets added to your portfolio within split seconds, provided there are ones that meet your pre-set criteria. Not all the platforms can boast with such a quick work of an auto-invest tool. With some platforms, you will have to wait hours in line before their auto-invest tool eventually invests into assets of your choice. At Debitum Network, the auto-invest tool puts you ahead of those who invest manually

Extra details about the auto-invest tool

Auto-invest tool invests:

  1. At 23.00 IST time zone (GMT+1). After repayment is made, you have a time window to decide whether you want to invest in the same assets or not. The auto-invest tool will reinvest in the assets again at 23.00 IST time zone (GMT+1).
  2. When the new assets are uploaded on the platform. Every time a new asset (that fits the settings of your chosen plan) is uploaded on the platform, the auto-invest feature will automatically invest in them.

Create and activate your auto-invest plan today

We encourage all investors on Debitum Network to create an auto-invest plan(s) and activate it. Most of the benefits of using the feature have been outlined in the blog post. Take advantage of them by activating an auto-invest plan. You can always deactivate it if you don’t like the way the tool works. We have prepared for you an asset of the week so that you may see what kind of opportunities are there at Debitum Network. If you use the feature, you will never miss one. Check it out!

Disclaimer: Investments in financial products are subject to market risk and any investment should only be done with risk capital. The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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