January 23, 2018

IMPORTANT: crowdsale now open to the US + updated payment methods

The crowdsale is nearly here – just two days left till the most awaited milestone of our journey. We deeply care about our community, and we worked hard on improving the participation opportunities in Round B. Some of the improvements we have implemented:

  • We added the ability to pay with fiat via banking transfer (USD and EUR accepted). This will give the opportunity to people with no access to cryptocurrencies to conveniently purchase DEB tokens and participate in solving a $2 trillion global problem! Main rules:
    1. Anyone wishing to purchase DEB Tokens in fiat currency will have to pass the KYC procedure;
    2. The minimum payment when paying in US dollars is 150 USD; no minimum charge for euro payments;
    3. Debitum Network reserves the right to refuse any transfer or return it without assigning a reason.
  • In Round B, we especially invite investors with accredited investor status from the US to participate in our crowdsale. The opportunity wasn’t soundly communicated in Round A but, after receiving numerous requests, we’ve decided to consult our lawyers and spread the message more broadly. All participating accredited US investors will have to submit a document certifying their status (e.g., https://verifyinvestor.com/ certificate, tax return forms, etc.).

We believe that these changes will further expand the rapidly growing Debitum Network community. Only together we can solve the small and medium enterprise crediting problem!