December 7, 2017

Important update about gas limit changes and SAFETY tips during Crowdsale

Gas price

Due to raising gas price for transactions in Ethereum blockchain we recommend to set your gas price during contribution to 60 Gwei. If you will leave default gas price (21 Gwei) it is possible that your transaction will proceed only after 3+ hours.

For example in Metamask you can do it in last step before submitting transaction.


For example in MEW you can set gas price in top right corner of application.


In case you are using any other similar personal non multi-signature wallet check gas price separately.

Safety tips

Security before and during the Crowdsale is very important to us. We are taking every measure possible to ensure you as the investor remain protected. Please read these security tips before the start of the Crowdsale.

Contract Address

After registration you will receive a special link which will take you to the web form where smart contract address will be provided approx an hour before the start of the crowdsale. Do not delete email message with the link to page where smart contract address will be provided. By clicking this link you will be able to get smart contract address at any time.


The smart contract address will only be posted on our registration confirmation page. On this page, together with the smart contract address, we will publish  a video of our CEO Martins Liberts, he will show a full smart contract address. PLEASE compare address shown on  the web page with the address from the video and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE BEEN SHOWN THE RIGHT ADDRESS. If smart contract address from the web page is not match with smart contract address from the video PLEASE REPORT ABOUT THIS ON OUR TELEGRAM CHANNEL AND DO NOT SEND YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO PROVIDED ADDRESS.


You will have an option to ask any questions in our Telegram channel. Debitum Network team will post ONLY IN THE MAIN CHANNEL during Crowdsale. Debitum team will never write you anything in private chat, so if you receive a PM from anyone pretending to be Debitum Network team, be aware – it is a scam!

Email Newsletter

WE WILL NEVER SEND YOU OUR WALLET ADDRESS IN THE EMAIL, so don’t trust anyone  —  you will be able to see our address ONLY ON THE REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION PAGE, which  you will get after registration (

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Slack

Throughout the crowdsale, we won’t be active on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Slack channels. Do not communicate with ANY accounts, it can be a scam.


Remember that the only legitimate website addresses are and and and If you receive any other links, please report this in our Telegram channel and in any circumstances DO NOT PRESS ON THIS LINK, it can be scam.