Interview with Front-end Developer Andrius Bilinevičius

Interview with Front-end Developer Andrius Bilinevičius

We interviewed Front-end Developer Andrius Bilinevičius to learn more about his involvement with Debitum Network project. Andrius has been working with Debitum project for six months, and for the last two years, he has been a part of information technology company INNTEC, working closely with co-founders of Debitum. He has experience developing high quality IT services for both public and private sectors.
Andrius has been working intensively on developing our MVP (Minimum viable product), which will allow you to gain real experience using our wallet in system demo even prior to the launch of our product. He was working on developing UI for the MVP as well as monitoring applications, assisting with infrastructure setup, and suggesting further development ideas for the whole team. Currently, Andrius is exploring new technologies for the further development of Debitum Network platform after the analysis phase is completed.

Watch the video interview with Andrius.


Hey. I’m Andrius. I am a front end engineer behind Debitum Network. I’ve been developing our MVP for about a half year. I’ve been working with INNTEC for last two years.

In Debitum project I’m doing a front end part for MVP. Also helping out with Debitum Network blog and setting up infrastructure. For Debitum MVP we’ve been using also material UI components. I think we’re gonna keep the stack for further development. But we also looking for other technologies that we could introduce into our later stages. We also analyze our past mistakes and discuss how we could solve upcoming challenges even better.

I like discussing with colleagues about various technologies, design patterns, and in general development. When you connect with people and they bring other ideas into your own work, I think that’s what is driving us. It’s actually very important for me because I’m with this project from the very beginning.

I also think that Debitum is a great way that will revolutionize the whole financing sector. I really believe in that. Looking forward to some new challenges to solve.

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