It’s our 1st birthday

It’s our 1st birthday:

It’s been a year since the launch of our platform. We have had a lot of challenges, many milestones to reach, and our team went to great lengths to deliver the greatest product in the industry. Despite all the skeptics, troubles and setbacks, we are alive, well, and are moving forward. We are grateful to everyone who trusted and supported us along the road. We promise to work even harder to offer the safest possible assets with high-interest rates. Let us look back (we prefer looking forward) at what Debitum Network has accomplished with your help. We also have a special offer this week. It will be announced tomorrow.  


Blockchain Forum

The launch of our platform on the 3rd of September coincided with the Blockchain Forum annual conference in London. World Blockchain Forum is an international event where visionary leaders, economic pioneers, and enterprising investors from around the world come and discuss the future of our financial world. 7 members of our team went there to take part, share about Debitum Network, answer questions, and guide through the investment process on our platform.


2 months later Debitum Network participated in one of the biggest events for innovation in financial services and lending – LendIt. Debitum Network was a Gold sponsor of the event. 8 members of our team went there to participate, have business meetings, demonstrate to hundreds of other participants how our platform worked. Martins Liberts, the co-founder of the company gave a demo demonstration of the platform on his real account to the attendees. He also participated in a panel discussion about the usage of blockchain technology for the lending industry. 

Platform Development

Our great development team did amazing things with the platform. They managed to implement such incredible features as: auto-invest, refer-a-friend, 3 portfolios based on investors’ risk type, 4 different languages, fully functioning mobile version of Debitum Network, and within a year to transform Debitum Network from square one into a way more user-friendly and easy to use the version of Debitum Network 2.0. If you haven’t tried investing on Debitum Network yet, now is the time. 

A year in numbers

With a slow start, the growth and business expansion of Debitum Network accelerated each month, very often, all-time records were set month after month in various areas. Take a look at the year in numbers.

New parties

Within the year we onboarded 5 loan originators and 4 risk assessors on Debitum Network. We are in search of new loan originators and risk assessors as we expect to expand to new geographical locations within the next year. So, stay tuned. 

Message from Debitum Network co-founder Martins Liberts:

“I want to thank our awesome community for making the Debitum Network tick. I am really grateful for every investor who trusted us and invested in the assets on our platform. You helped SMEs in Europe to do business and expand. I thank the entire Debitum Network team for helping us grow and become who we are. We couldn’t have done without you. You are amazing! Debitum Network has ambitious plans for next year to become the top choice for alternative business investments. Embrace our vision, stay with us throughout the next year and you will see the vision become a reality.”

Win special prizes during our birthday week!

This week we have prepared a special offer for you. All you have to do is to invest in any asset on Debitum Network through the week and you will automatically be included in a daily raffle to win special prizes. You can win Debitum Network branded umbrellas daily (autumn is here and it will start raining soon!). Another prize is 4 bonuses with a value of 50 euros each. The winners will be selected randomly at the end of each day of the week. Participate and win! Happy birthday!

Disclaimer: Investments in financial products are subject to market risk and any investment should only be done with risk capital. The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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