January 22, 2018

Where has Martins disappeared? What is Pigeon or Abra? Does it benefit Debitum Network?

I’ve not disappeared – I’m making sure that first production candidate version of Debitum Network gets to see daylight as soon as possible. It means I have moved from the upper deck all the way down to the engine room. What have we been up to down here?

  1. We are working with our partners at Shift to make sure that Debitum Network exchange can be launched this month. We have undergone training for back-office administration of the exchange, we have designed the landing page, are working on various important policies (like security, KYC, AML and other). Based on what I have seen – our exchange should be a blast! It should be possible to add funds using a wire transfer or credit card. It should be possible to trade ETH, BTC, and DEB (we, will limit trading during Round B). I believe these are great news for DEB liquidity as well as for further Debitum Network development.
  2. We have created around 50 use-cases (user stories) for first production candidate of Debitum Network, and currently, our UX specialist and our analyst is working to create wireframes for all needed functionality that will include borrower, risk assessor, investor, debt collector, and fiat facilitator features. As soon as we finalize the wireframes, we have a team of designers is ready to facelift the current website and MVP design. We are planning to publish some wireframes when we finalize them for your feedback. We have enough developers for building the first version; however, we are always open to seeing if there is a talent out there willing to join! If you feel that you can add a great deal of value or personality to our blockchain development team (including Solidity developers, React / JavaScript developers, Java developers), please send your CV to [email protected]
  3. While waiting for the first version of Debitum Network that will provide features for semi-automatic financing process on the blockchain, we will launch a landing page to allow potential ecosystem members to sign up for priority onboarding. We are also starting business developing by connecting certain investors with borrowers using risk assessors and debt collectors manually. In addition to supporters mentioned on the website, we have also made a verbal agreement with:
    a. two institutional lenders serving SMEs in Lithuania willing to lend via Debitum Network up to 3.5M Eur;
    b. another risk assessment company in Lithuania that uses a software robot for risk assessment of a company based on registration number.

We are intensively looking for first institutional investors to connect our current partners in a financing process and start helping small businesses. If you are interested in joining the cause and becoming a priority fiat investor on Debitum Network – please send an inquiry to [email protected]

The question you still should have is what is Pigeon or Abra! It is the code name we are choosing between to pick for the first production candidate of Debitum Network. Within the team, we decided for the first couple of versions to use related names from the Pokémon world. Currently, we are deciding for the first three versions of Debitum Network between Pidgey – Pidgeotto – Pidgeot or Abra – Kadabra – Alakazam. Please send tell opinion or suggestion on the code name, icon or logo on our Telegram channel – it’s a fun way to be part of Debitum Network!

As Round B starts in a week, you will see me doing the smart contract address video as I will get up to the upper deck! Go Debitum!