March 20, 2018

Martins Liberts Will Discuss Self-regulated ICOs in Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Tallinn, Estonia

Although blockchain technology is developing rapidly, it is still in its early phases of adoption and integration, which means that many important questions arise to investors and the community both. Blockchain companies financed by an ICO, occasionally receive doubt from potential investors and backers, as many are still not familiar with blockchain technology.

We understand that certain types of activities and measures are essential for securing contributions and building trust. While formal regulations might take a while to be developed, Debitum Network strongly believes that an ICO should regulate themselves and guide the path. We strongly advocate the importance of self-regulated ICOs for a more trustworthy blockchain environment.

Martins Liberts, co-founder and visionary of Debitum Network, will present this idea in Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Tallinn, Estonia (March 22). Meanwhile, you can read a short introduction to Martin’s ideas and why we think self-regulation is important right here.

Why Are Regulations a Hot Topic?

The main issue that seems to be keeping everyone up at night is maintaining the benefits of decentralization while finding a way for secure contributions to ICOs. With the ever-increasing number of blockchain projects in the market, authorities raise discussions about introducing some regulatory rules in order to maintain trustworthiness. Yet, we believe there needs to be more ground breaking in regard to policies related to crypto, the blockchain, and ICOs to properly regulate them. Maybe, a better starting point would be creating local and international, formal communities. With a core focus on discussing and involving community members in order to develop rules together. Such actions would be beneficial, as lack of transparency harms both sides of those who participate in ICOs. On the one side, backers are at high risk of losing their funds by choosing a non-legitimate (scam) project. On the other, businesses struggle to build trust and receive support.

Introduction to The Concept

Martins Liberts has already shared his insights during many conferences, and he will further expand his ideas during Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Tallinn. He will share his personal experience from creating Debitum Network, together with practical examples and lessons learned. Martins will advise on coming up with an ICO that will prompt a change, listening to the community, choosing ethical marketing, as well as setting the right hard cap and making the best use of funds. He will also touch upon the business essentials, including KYC (know-your-customer) procedures, AML (anti-money laundering) solutions, and, most importantly, ensuring as much safety for the contributors as possible.

About the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference

On March 22, 2018, Tallinn (Estonia) will host the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference is a series of blockchain events held in Russia, Ukraine, Netherlands, Cyprus and from now on – Switzerland, Estonia, and the Philippines.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Tallinn will gather the brightest experts in the industry, well-known specialists, and gurus of the crypto market, IT developers, entrepreneurs, investors, software and equipment manufacturers. The speakers are managers of the well-known companies and representatives of governmental authorities.

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Full interview with Martins here.


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