January 29, 2018

A milestone reached: Debitum Network concluded the first cryptocurrency exchange agreement

Hello, Debitum Network community.

The Debitum Network crowdsale has started well and continues successfully. In the first hour of the crowdsale, we raised  2’000’000 USD, and in the middle of the fourth crowdsale day, we’ve raised almost 5’000’000 USD (private pre-sale round + A + B ongoing round). This is very good news for the whole community.

Besides the fact that we are raising more and more capital for product and business development, we also take into account the secondary market for DEB tokens. We have concluded the first agreement with the cryptocurrency trade exchange  – Nebula for the DEB tokens listing.

This is fantastic news for all of Debitum Network’s fans and contributors because it’s only the beginning of our crowdsale, and we’ve already made the first deal on the DEB tokens listing, and contributors are ensured their purchased tokens stay liquid.

The new exchange means we are that much closer to achieving our goals. Currently as much as 70% of the market’s new issue tokens are listed nowhere, and thus contributors’ input money remains frozen, and may eventually become lost. We will not allow such a situation to occur with DEB Tokens. To successfully list the token on major exchanges, we chose the method of initially concluding agreements with smaller exchanges and, when equipped with sufficient recognition, we reach the stage of concluding agreements with greater exchanges. Our tactics seem to work.

In addition to the concluded agreement with Nebula, we are already in final stages of concluding yet another agreement with a much larger exchange (our lawyers are currently making the a final contract review). Additionally, we’ve  received the specific proposal from one of the major exchanges, and we are ready and willing for major bartering to make a good deal. It is already evident that our actions are paying off and DEB token will be listed by a variety of exchanges and will be liquid!

We believe that our strategy will enable our token to be listed on Binance. Every experienced trader and investor is well aware of what usually occurs when the altcoin gets listed on Binance – remarkable growth of 10-20x or even more! The goal of Debitum Network is to achieve the market cap of at least 1 Bn. Milestone by milestone, we are succeeding towards our goal!

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