New investment product – launched!

We are pleased to announce that a new investment product – shorter terms and daily interest repayments – is available to our investors starting today.

Debitum is a licensed and regulated platform where it is possible to invest only in bond-like financial instruments Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) backed by SME business loans with collateral. Loan originators as well as underlying collateral are carefully selected. This is done by industry professionals to ensure that only stable, well-secured financial instruments are available to investors.

Business loans and thus financial instruments (ABS) on the platform have historically had an investment term of over 1 year. Considering the global economic situation, within the last six months, Debitum has aligned investment products with the current situation. Thus, the assets with a term of 3-6 months and an increased annual rate of return are available on the platform.

At the start of a new year, we step even further and launch a new investment product where the main characteristics are an even shorter term (30-90 days) and daily interest payout to the investor.

We have done a lot on the planning side together with our Loan Originators. As a result, we have found a way to significantly increase liquidity for business loan investments. Now, with the new investment product our investors can get the invested principal amount even faster, as well as re-invest the earned funds more quickly.

We expect that from today on, part of Debitum new asset portfolio will consist of “short terms and daily repayments” investment product.

How to find the new product? Visit the INVEST section on Debitum and search for ABSs with the appropriate “Repayment” (30 – 90 days) and “Type” (Daily) parameters.

Have a safe and profitable investing with Debitum!

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