New partnership with loan originator CubeFunder from the United Kingdom

New loan originator

We are happy to announce another new partner from the UK – CubeFunder, an alternative lender for the UK small businesses since 2017.

About CubeFunder

CubeFunder is a company that has been successfully disbursing loans to small and medium businesses for over 3 years and managed to grow its portfolio to almost 10 million Euro.

The team at CubeFunder has focused on both state of the art solutions like Open Banking and the personal touch that small and medium business require.

Business model

Clients of CubeFunder are small and medium businesses ranging from trading and service providers to artisanal food making with various companies in between. CubeFunder uses a human-centric approach to their client onboarding procedure, always visiting their clients on-site. Many borrowers stay with CubeFunder and keep coming back if they need quick and efficient financing. As a result, CubeFunder is financially stable and profitable for the past 2 years.

Risk model

CubeFunder has a robust technical side as they use one of the largest risk assessors in the world, Equifax, to score its clients and CubeFunder has its own custom build IT systems with information on all of their clients and their payments – which can happen daily, weekly or monthly. All loans are backed by underlying like owners’ personal guarantee, stock of the borrower, cross-company guarantee, and other.

CubeFunder works with slightly riskier SME’s than most other SME financiers. The uniqueness of CubeFunder is how they mitigate the credit risk of the portfolio. CubeFunder has regular monthly repayment schedules. Moreover, the originator can directly debit the bank account or payment card of the borrower on a daily, weekly, or monthly repayment basis. Every schedule is tailored to the needs of a borrower. This ensures that the borrower repays the loan by very small but frequent payments. That allows identifying potential problems within the company at the earliest stage.

The average interest for loans of CubeFunder is around 10%. So, go to Debitum platform, check the assets, and start investing!

Bonus campaign for our investors!

All investors who invest more than 500 EUR into the new CubeFunder assets will receive an additional 1% cashback. Therefore, do not hesitate and check out the assets on the platform! We believe that an additional 1% is a great opportunity to increase your return on these investments to a significant 11%!

Disclaimer: Investments in financial products are subject to market risk and any investment should only be done with risk capital. The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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