New partnership with loan originator Evergreen Capital from Estonia

We are happy to announce a new partnership! Our new partner Evergreen Capital is a non-bank lender providing financing to Estonian small businesses since 2017.

About Evergreen Capital

Evergreen Capital has been disbursing loans within Estonia for over 3 years. They have already successfully distributed over 4 million in loans to various Estonian small businesses. The team at Evergreen Capital is focused on having a profitable business that can grow slowly but efficiently. Now Evergreen Capital is ramping up to go to the next level and increase its portfolio with the help of Debitum.

Regular clients of Evergreen Capital are micro and small businesses like IT companies, retail companies, industrial companies, and many other industries. Evergreen performs a credit check of the clients, assesses their financial state and solvency, underwriting model takes into account the applicant’s sector, prior experience, business volume and diversification, tax history, and other public and proprietary information. Additionally, Evergreen uses Creditinfo and for their credit evaluations. All the loans up to 10,000 Euro are backed by a personal guarantee of either the manager or the owner of the company, or both, after carefully examining their credit history. Loans over 10,000 Euro are also backed by a pledge – real estate.

Evergreen Capital is a bit higher risk loan originator on the Debitum platform, the loans that they provide are for clients at a higher risk category when compared to our previous loan originators, but the pricing model and the overall attitude of Evergreen Capital ensures that it is a financially stable company that is growing every year. Debitum will monitor company’s financials so they always have enough funds to cover buyback and meet all other covenants.

Average interest for loans of Evergreen are to be around 10%. So, go to Debitum platform, check the assets and start investing!

Disclaimer: Investments in financial products are subject to market risk and any investment should only be done with risk capital. The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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