New partnership with loan originator FLEXIDEA from Latvia

New partnership with loan originator FLEXIDEA from Latvia:

Did you miss short term assets on Debitum Network lately? Invoice-financing assets from FLEXIDEA are here for you!

About the company

FLEXIDEA is an innovative invoice financing solution established in 2017 out of Riga, Latvia.

Flexidea Founders

Their clients are SME from Latvia with high business field diversity (fast-moving consumer goods manufacturers and traders, other manufacturers and traders, logistic service providers, wood and metal traders, and more). The payers of invoices are local and multinational companies of medium and large size like chains of supermarkets, multinational manufacturers, and service providers.

How it works

The founders of FLEXIDEA believe that invoice financing (invoice discounting) should be fast, online, and require minimum human participation. They developed an in-house IT solution that allows their customers to upload all required information online and get automated answers along the way.

FLEXIDEA process

FLEXIDEA uses several score providers (Coface, KIB) to get the probability of default for both – the client (seller of goods) and the debtor (the payor of invoice). The scoring model includes 3rd party scoring, credit history, open-source information, analysis of client financials, and bank statements.

About assets 

Firstly, both parties (client and debtor) verifies and approves each invoice. Secondly, all invoices are paid directly to the FLEXIDEA bank account. It makes the financing deal safer, and there is a lower risk for invoice default.

The average asset term for FLEXIDEA is 36 days, while the average amount is about 6K euro making FLEXIDEA assets very attractive for your investment strategy. Just don’t forget to adjust your auto-invest plan.

Check out the assets that are already on the platform. If you like what you see, do not hesitate to add them to your portfolio.

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