New partnership with loan originator Triple Dragon from the UK

New partnership with loan originator Triple Dragon from the UK

Would you buy assets backed by Apple and Google receivables? We are happy to offer it to you!

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with UK based specialist games financing company Triple Dragon Limited.

Triple Dragon will provide new investment opportunities with attractive interest rates, exceptional underlying collateral, and a buyback guarantee.

About the company

Triple Dragon Limited is a London based company that is specialized in the financing and publishing of video games (PC and console), mobile games and mobile applications (apps).

Triple Dragon was founded in December 2016 by its three founders (Charles Brooke, Pieter van der Pijl and Diederik van Lede) who have a background and track-record in finance and law and are above all passionate gamers. The mission of Triple Dragon is to become a leading ‘merchant bank’ for the video games and mobile app industry.

The founders of Triple Dragon saw a huge opportunity in the mobile app and video games industry by providing developers and publishers of mobile apps and video games with flexible funding and working capital solutions that help them to grow their business.

All of these apps and video game developers and publishers share a common characteristic, they receive their revenue through major technology companies such as Google, Apple, Amazon and Twitter and the receivables on these major technology companies form the security that Triple Dragon (and Debitum Network investors) receives from its borrowers. 

How it works – receivables from Apple or Google

Triple Dragon provides a variety of financing products to its borrowers, most often these are receivable backed loans which have some similar characteristics to invoice financing (a well-known asset type on the Debitum Network) because these loans are secured by receivables for app and video game revenue that has already been generated.

These are receivables on the major app stores (such as the Google Play Store or Apple App Store) or advertising networks (such as AdMob (Google) or  Twitter). These loans are provided and administered by Triple Dragon and are uploaded onto the Debitum Network only if specific loan-to-value and collateralization criteria are met.

Tripe Dragon also provides user acquisition (UA) loans, which are secured and documented in the same way as receivable backed secured loans but that have different conditions and features. UA loans are flexible growth financing solutions for video games and app companies that have games or apps that can be profitably scaled up through performance marketing. UA loans usually start at lower amounts and then scale up when the game or app meets the performance benchmarks set by Triple Dragon. The experienced Triple Dragon team evaluates the key performance indicators and all analytical data of the apps and games and will then increase the loan size if the loans are significantly over-collateralized (125% or more).

All Triple Dragon loans are over-collateralized and have collateral that consists of receivables of well-known technology companies such as Apple and Google and these receivables can be easily realized. This results in a robust lending structure that is enhanced further by the buyback guarantee. Having in mind risk and return, you now have an excellent opportunity to invest in the assets of our new partner Triple Dragon which offers a very attractive return on investment with a very low-risk profile thanks to the underlying security in the form of receivables on companies such as Google and Apple. 

All the loans are over-collateralized, and the collateral can be easily realized. This establishes the strong ground for the buyback guarantee. Having in mind risk and return, you have an excellent opportunity to invest in the assets of our new partner Triple Dragon. The risk is very low in comparison to the return that you get. 

Check out the assets that are already on the platform. If you like what you see, do not hesitate to add them to your portfolio.

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