December 5, 2017

How to register for Debitum Network crowdsale

The Debitum Stage 1 Crowdsale begins on 7th December 3:00 PM London time. Only 4000 ETH will be collected for 30% bonus.
How to register to get your priority access?


Go to our official website and click the “Get priority access” button.


Read and accept our terms and conditions.


Select the amount you want to contribute. We want to ensure that everyone is able to invest. Therefore the maximum amount of contribution is limited to 60 ETH and minimum is 0.1 ETH


Check your email Inbox. We will send you a mail to validate your address.


Congratulations! You successfully have registered to our Crowdsale and you have a big advantage over everyone else. Crowdsale begins on 7th December 3:00 PM London time.

How to contribute via: MetaMask.pdf
How to contribute via: MyEtherWallet.pdf
Or any similar personal non multi-signature wallet.
Note that contribution from smart contracts or exchanges will not be accepted.

Ready to get priority access?

Click here to register for the Debitum Network Crowdsale

Please note: Security before and during the Crowdsale is very important to us. We are taking every measure possible to ensure you as the investor remain protected.

Remember that the only legitimate website addresses are and Please make sure you are entering the correct website.

Double check the address – and then check again!