January 26, 2018

Round B, Day 1: A Message From Martins

Well, our Round B Crowdsale kicked off yesterday, and what can we say… it was pretty epic.

Within the first 45 seconds, we sold out the 1st step, with the 2nd step not far behind.

From all of us here at Debitum Network, we’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has gotten involved so far.

Martins is busy networking with the crypto community in Ukraine right now – watch the video to hear what he has to say about Day 1.


Hi everyone, it’s me, Martins, from Debitum Network. I just wanted to thank you all for such a wonderful start of a Debitum crowdsale Round B. It was really great, and first 45 seconds, we sold out the first (AC 20% Bonus) step. I think the second step also sold out quite fast. We are around $2.5 million into the sales, so it has been a very tremendous beginning, and it hasn’t been yet one day, one full day. So, I’m very grateful for your trust. I’m happy to see that you are part of that too.

Currently, I’m here in Kiev, in Ukraine. I came here yesterday, actually, so I was here when the course had started. I visited local crypto community. Discussed with current contributors of Debitum and also with various people involved in Crypto. It actually … A very great and huge Crypto community here in Kiev. So, I had a really wonderful networking time. And now I’m back to Vilnius, to keep working hard on Debitum. Thank you again for your trust and go Debitum.