January 27, 2018

Safety Tips To Follow During The Crowdsale

Your security is extremely important to us. We want to make sure each and every investor remains protected during the crowdsale.

With that in mind, make sure you read these security tips before making your contribution.

Contract Address

After successfully registering for the crowdsale, you’ll receive a validation email containing a link to the smart contract crowdsale address. Don’t delete that email – it will ensure you can access the smart contract address at any time. This address will only be provided on our registration confirmation page, which will be accessible via your validation email. On this page, we’ve included a video of our CEO Martins Liberts. He will share the full smart contract address, which you can compare with the address shown on the confirmation page. It’s important that you make sure the two addresses match. If the smart contract address you see on the confirmation page does not match the smart contract address in the video, DO NOT send your contribution. In the event that the two addresses don’t match, please report the issue on our Telegram channel.


As always, we will be responding to any questions in our Telegram channel, so feel free to connect with us here.

However, we will never send you anything in a private chat. If you receive a private message from someone posing as the Debitum Network team, then be wary – it could be a scam.

Email Newsletters

Remember – you will only be able to see the smart contract address on the registration confirmation page. We will never send you our wallet address in an email, so be suspicious of any email communications that include a direct link to the crowdsale address.

You can access the registration confirmation page after you have successfully registered for the crowdsale and received your validation email.

Website Addreses

Remember that the only legitimate websites are:





Please make sure you are entering the correct website.

If you receive links to the crowdsale using any other website addresses, don’t click them – it could be a scam. Make sure you report this to us in our Telegram channel.


Join the Debitum Network crowdsale simply and safely!



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