Sandbox Funding – 1st million!

We are delighted to announce that Debitum-affiliated Loan originator Sandbox Funding has issued its 1st million euros in loans.

Loans have been issued to Latvian companies from forestry and agriculture, energy, and eco-house construction industries.

“We started to test Sandbox Funding in May, but the first big Sandbox Funding ABS was launched in late June. Within summer we have issued 1 million euros. Results show that our investors prefer to invest not only in Debitum existing and well-proved Loan Originators like Triple Dragon, Evergreen Capital, and Flexidea but also in newcomer Sandbox Funding. More than 600 000 euros out of 1 million are already covered with our investors’ funds. Interest payments are on time, and we plan to have the same in the future. The latest financing has been granted to the eco-house construction company “Bono House”. The first “Bono House” ABS will be available for investments in upcoming days (first week of September),” on first results reflects Henrijs Jansons, Debitum CEO.

Sandbox Funding is a Latvian non-bank financing company that issues business loans to SMEs registered in the EU and EEA. More about Sandbox Funding you can find in our blog article “How Sandbox Funding works?”

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