Starting the new year with new partnerships

We are excited to announce that “Debitum” has started a partnership with “Dow Jones”, a global leader in news and business analysis since 1882.

Under brands such as “Dow Jones Newswires”, “Factiva” and “Dow Jones Risk & Compliance” and “Developer Platform” the company offers a wide range of data and news analysis –from the world’s Top1 stock market index (Dow Jones Industrial Average) and continuing with worldwide regulatory compliance and third-party risk management solutions.

“As a licensed platform, “Debitum” must ensure the highest quality platform performance at all levels – system operations, service, and others. Partnering with the best in the industry, like “Dow Jones”, helps us realize this plan. This year has started with the new partnership. Some more – coming soon,” comments “Debitum” CEO Henrijs Jansons.

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