Take a sneak peek at the upcoming version 2.0 of Debitum Network platform

Take a sneak peek at the upcoming version 2.0 of Debitum Network platform

Platform redesigned from square one

8 months have passed since the launch of Debitum Network 1.0. Since then, one of our top priorities has been to improve the user experience and make the platform as user-friendly as possible. Over the last two months, our development team made a major step to make the priority a reality. Instead of adding minor changes we created version 2.0 from square one. The BETA version of Debitum Network 2.0 is coming next week, and you can take a sneak peek at the finished product.  

Improved mobile experience

2.0 version will be available for all devices: personal computers, laptops, tablets, but, as more users manage their investment through mobile devices we have put special focus on the improvement on your mobile experience of our platform. Here are the benefits of the improved version:

  • Irrelevant information is removed in order to keep it simple
  • Finger friendly dimensions and positions
  • Minimized the need for typing
  • The content is optimized for touch controls
  • Fully adaptive content for small screens, easy to read and navigate

Simplified user experience

We have made navigation through the platform as simple as possible! You will not find a truckload of buttons, icons or visuals in the new version.

  • The number of buttons has been reduced to 6 to keep the look clean and usage simple
  • Navigation through the site is now done with clear titles
  • Only relevant info is provided on the right side of the navigation to make easy interaction with a user

Easy 3 step navigation and investment process

Manual investing, auto-investing process, even browsing through our platform has been simplified. Everything has been reduced to three simple steps. Let’s say you want to use the auto-invest feature. Three easy steps and you are all set. Check out for yourself!

  1. Choose your plan
  2. Set up settings
  3. Activate your plan  

Your auto-invest plan activated! Auto-invest program is investing for you now! The job is done without you doing the job!

Want to invest in an asset manually? It’s the same easy process of three steps:

  1. Choose credit score settings
  2. Choose interest rate limits
  3. Put the asset you like into your portfolio

You have invested! The asset is in your portfolio. You are earning interest. Can it get easier than that?

First impressions from Beta version

A number of partners and publishers have already tried the new platform. They shared the feedback with us. Look what they have to say!

At first, I was a bit astonished because the menu moved from the left side to the top. I do not think that this is an issue, it was just something I recognized first. I like the layout of this investors-backend. You stayed with your already known design and added some points, which make the usability even more comfortable.

Regarding, “auto-invest”, the three options for creating an auto-invest are very nice. This is what I haven’t found in your “old” platform before and I really appreciate it. And I still like the shown number of loans being available for investments regarding the adjustments in the auto-invest.

– Tobias

I like it a lot! Simple and way more user-friendly. Great job! When do you think you will start going live with 2.0?


Being honest, I Like 2.0. Simple, and faster!

– Miguel

I have taken a quick look at Debitum 2.0… and it looks really good! I mean, even with Debitum 1.0, I thought the interface was one of the strong points of your platform, but with Debitum 2.0 it seems we are taking this to the next level… especially the Dashboard Overview looks very clean, simple and informative… I like it very much. Great work!

– Jesus

Get ready to try the transformed platform!

The updated platform BETA version will be available next week. You will be able to try it yourself. Take full advantage of all the available benefits and invest. It would be great if you shared your thoughts with us about the new product. Help us to make the platform better. We appreciate your feedback and thank you for your trust in Debitum Network. See you next week.

Disclaimer: Investments in financial products are subject to market risk and any investment should only be done with risk capital. The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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