January 5, 2018

Three Good Reasons Why You Should Buy Debitum Tokens

“There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home”, Ken Olsen, founder of Digital Equipment Corporation, said back in 1977. Now we all know he could not have been more wrong. But time flies fast, and with the current speed of tech development, it doesn’t take 20 years for a fantasy to become a reality.

The first Bitcoin was released in 2009 and became a global phenomenon is just a few years. In 2018 the blockchain-based technologies are evolving at the speed of light, and the investors are lining up to be the first to acquire new assets. And the Debitum Network doors are about to open.

The platform where small and medium enterprise (SME) owners can find investors and easily get financing to grow their businesses starts Round B of its Crowdsale in just a few weeks providing the last chance to acquire Debitum (DEB) tokens.

Here are three good reasons why you should not hesitate before buying:

1. The value will grow together with the network

As the network will grow, the Debitum token value will inevitably grow with it. First, your contribution will be used to fully launch the solution in targeted markets. Once the system is operational, more and more SMEs with limited access to credit will turn to Debitum for investment. Since the amount of DEB tokens in the market will be very limited, the value of acquired tokens will highly increase.

2. It’s the only currency used within the Debitum Network

If you’re not planning to become a part of the Debitum Network, then the DEB tokens might not be for you. However, we strongly advise that you do. The use of Debitum tokens is constructed in a way to ensure demand for them. The investors and SMEs must buy Debitum tokens to pay providers for services rendered. DEB tokens will be used as a security guaranteeing the delivery of the services as well.

If there will be an excess of funds from the very beginning, they will be used to ensure better market making and solving the ‘empty room’ problem from the investors’ side. If the number of Debitum Network users raises fast, the high demand for Debitum tokens will be created. The value will rise together with the demand.

3. It’s all calculated

The initial Debitum token demand will be created by the borrowers and investors who will be able to pay for counterparty services in Debitum tokens only. At a mature stage of the ecosystem, the closed loop of multiple participants’ aligned incentives will co-exist.

These various Debitum Network participants – risk assessors, insurers, operators, debt collectors, etc. will all effectively raise the value of the Debitum tokens through motivated, active participation in the system.

Now the ICO investors have an opportunity to acquire the DEB tokens at an early stage for a minimum price which will later increase due to system development and the growing demand from the users.