April 13, 2018

Vested tokens being delivered

Vested tokens started delivery

Over the last few weeks, all but one of the crowdsale activities have been concluded – vested tokens.
Vested tokens are tokens “locked in” until a specific date. They cannot be sold or transferred. Vested tokens are protected by the blockchain itself, within a smart contract a function is used that imposes this limitation. So this is not just an agreement between parties that is based on willpower, it is an actual technical limitation.

At the beginning of Debitum Network agreements with team members, advisors, early supporters were made so that their tokens would be vested. It is now becoming a general practice and a much-needed one. Vested tokens create an environment for commitment and trust.

We have started initiating smart contracts under which vested tokens will be transferred from our main account to our team members’, advisors, early supporters.
These transfers will differ in time of vested period, time until they are unlocked.

What this essentially means is an increased circulating market cap. Most platforms including coinmarketcap.com will show growth in available tokens however, these tokens cannot be traded until the vesting period has ended thus the actual amount of DEB tokens that can participate in transactions has not changed.

More details on our circulating tokens and precise numbers can be found in our blog post “Review of DEB tokens circulating and total supply after crowdsale.”

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